Train travel in India is still full of uncertainties. There are endless unanswered questions such as when will my train arrive? Whether my Waitlist ticket will get confirmed or not? The queries are aplenty. However, the greatest anxiety is when trains are late and you do not know where your train currently is. Should you go to the station and wait or should you cancel/confirm the upcoming appointment at your destination. These uncertainties can ruin your travel experience completely.

All these can change with few clicks on the RailYatri app. A leading travel marketplace, RailYatri has launched real-time Live Train Status to help travellers stay informed about their train location with total accuracy. With Indian trains known for being notoriously delayed around the year, knowing the current location of a train is always a challenge. RailYatri’s intelligent use of Machine Learning algorithms and enhanced GPS tracking to put an end to this uncertainty. With the upcoming festive rush and impending fog delays, knowing the current LIVE location of a train will go a long way in easing passenger inconvenience.

Train travel in India is still filled with uncertainty and this real-time Live Train Status feature will help people save on time and reduce their anxiety. RailYatri’s data scientists have studied train running status over years and after intense mapping with the train’s current GPS location have come up with this feature which tells the accurate LIVE location of the train even between remote stations. For the first time ever, the user also get location update every 60 seconds which in itself is a great innovation. #RailYatri innovation Lab.

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