Being interesting Vs being interested

Yesterday i got a chance to read “Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People. i am now much inspired by the idea that is used as a main theme of the book. Read the people is better than to force them to read you. Listen them instead of force them to listen you. People are worth reading. Do this and for sure you will be welcome anywhere. Show them love and care that you actually feel for them instead of expecting always to be loved and cared. Its good to feel loved but its better to let the other people around you to feel loved by you. Happiness is all about making people happy that are close to you.

After reading the chapter of this book i tried to practice this trick of happiness for 24 hours. I had a chance to sit with my seniors, juniors, batch fellows, friends and my family. I just listen them and just ask them questions and the responses were according to my expectations.

I met my senior and ask him about his health, about how’s going on now a days and about his future plans. He never talked too much before but I ask him questions without talking about myself and just paid attention on his answers and thoughts and he told me everything that he want to do in future and during the conversation i can easily read out his expression that he liked very much to be listened. Just like this I spend time to listen others and now I feel that I should do this earlier. This is an interesting activity to be interested in other. People really love if someone show interest in themselves.