Through this blog I will tell you about my experiences with 3d printing and 3d modeling.

About 10 years ago I bought my first computer. I didn’t know much about this technology. The seller asked me what exactly I liked to do with my new computer. In this way, he was able to estimate the specifications of my new laptop that would suit me best. I told him I wanted to watch YouTube videos and nothing more came to mind at the time. The seller recommended a large screen to me. So I proudly walked out of the store with my new laptop with a 17 inch screen.

When I got home, my journey into the computer world followed. Don’t get me wrong I had some knowledge of how to create a folder and install a program, but I had never done this before. A few months later I was a little more familiar. I found watching videos about electronics very interesting. The videos that were about soldering and software that you can install appealed to me the most. That’s how I bought my 1st soldering stuff along with an experiment kit. It was a small electronic bug that could run. I soldered it together on the basis of the manual and my experiences on YouTube. Later on, more soldering projects followed which were a lot of fun. Especially around Christmas, the gift of an electronic Christmas tree soldered by me was very much appreciated.

A year later I got the idea to build a 3d printer. I had thought about this for a long time because it is a big project. But in the end I took the plunge and bought a 3d printer kit. I prepared it well..I bought all the necessary stuff before I started the project. The duration of the project, which according to the reference book that came with this printer, was 32 hours. It took me half a year. Getting out of your comfort zone is important, but there are drawbacks. I spent days procrastinating on work. I thought it was too exciting. Then at the moment that the 3d printer was successfully mounted and the associated electronics were soldered. The feeling I got when my 1st print was successful is indescribable. Everything moved with a lot of noise but I thought it was beautiful. I was proud.

Later I also taught myself to design 3d models on the basis of YouTube videos. I joined several 3d model sharing sites. Here is the result of that on 3d Cults. I use different programs for designing. I’ll list a few here:

  • MeshMixer
  • Fusion 360
  • Blender
  • Inkscape
  • Tinkercad

In the beginning when I used my 3d printer I really appreciated the designers for sharing the 3d models. There are over a million free models to be found online and it was a whole new world that opened up to me. Now I contribute to that. I get worldwide appreciation for my designs. And i enjoy it.



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Raimon Baudoin

Raimon Baudoin

Hello i’m Raimon, I recently started an online coding bootcamp. I have my own website ( I like all kind of blogs!