Best sneaker copping tools

Hey, Sneakerhead! How fruitless were you on getting those brand new Air Jordan’s or Supreme Yeezy’s? Well, there might be quite a few factors that could help you out significantly. All you need is the right tools and let’s get those sneakers copping in no time!

The main two criteria are picking the right sneaker bot and using anonymous proxies. Let’s get into choosing the right ones in order to maximize the success rate and start the month with the freshest sneakers on your block!

Choosing the correct sneaker bot

Sneaker bot is the bread without butter (We will get into proxies later on) and it is the base for automating sneaker purchases. It is trying to act as a regular user, but the difference is — the bot is inhumanly fast and precise! Not only is it capable of going to the website, picking the sneakers, adding them to your cart — it can check out before you would have even opened up your browser. Let’s check into what we want from our good boy — A.K.A. sneaker copping bot!

Updates — We want our bot gathering those gems today. However, how cool would that be if we were to use it in the years to come? There is an ongoing battle between the seller’s and the bot’s intelligence. Sneaker selling websites are casually releasing changes that do restrict the flow of existing automated scripts. Since we do not want that — updates are really important to stay fresh and maximize the efficiency of copping.

Compatibility with more accounts — One pair? Cool. Two? Awesome! How far can we go?

Well, some bots can go as far as hundreds. So, in case you’re eager to get cool shoes to go through the roof — make sure your bot is capable of running multiple accounts at once!

Retry — Don’t stop until it’s done! Let’s imagine — you set your bot to get those Nikes, go to the mall and pick the pants that go along nicely with your new sneakers. After you came back — the bot is in tears — it has let us down with an error. So another important aspect — a bot that has an eye of the tiger and will never give up.

After long google searches and boring articles, we have a few most popular ones with the check marked criteria we are looking for:

  1. AIO Bot
  2. BetterNikeBot
  3. NikeSlayer

Choosing proxies

Butter! Since we do have the speed of the Flash and the accuracy of the Arrow — no hero is safe without the mask. This is where we look around and search for proxies to cover our lust for supreme feet clothing. If you were to buy hundreds of pairs from Yeezy with the same IP address from your home network — you will be banned and expelled. If are making too many request attempts for the purchase — you most likely will get timed out. So let’s get a pool of million IP addresses to act upon!

Location — A lot of providers do give us IP addresses across the world. If we get a connection from Zimbabwe or another country, which is far away in distance from you — the latency might be too high. Also, that might raise a red flag for the sneaker selling website. So going for Location targeted proxies is the golden ratio.

Latency — Self-explanatory. If the IP address is being abused and gets really slow — it opens up space for failures. So we need top-notch servers to work with. Basic datacenter IP addresses that are scraping worldwide network will not give us the fruits we want.

Type — Dedicated, semi-dedicated or rotating? While Rotating and dedicated ones are working fine, semi-dedicated are the ones to blame for losing your sneakers to a guy who is not relying on those. Also, the datancenter ones might work, but it’s not as effective as the residential ones, which will not only cover you IP, but will also hide you under a real user’s ISP.

In the world of gazillions proxies — we have put our hats down for those two:

  1. Smartproxy

2. Luminati

Now you know! It’s time to get the world of supreme sneakers on its toes!