What type of energy do you want the world to recognize as yours? What type of legacy do you want to leave behind? How will your legacy be recognized?

All questions I asked myself today. Sparked by an image of Lisa Bonet with her family, I immediately realized that her legacy isn’t that she acted on the Cosby Show or A Different World. Her legacy isn’t based in her role in Angel Heart. Her legacy will be in the family that she built and the children that she has raised. Her virtue is displayed in the way that her ex-husband and father of her child honors her. It is present in the way her daughter speaks of their relationship.

It is human nature to get caught in the cycle of conquering things, people, jobs, tasks etc. I am energized by people around me who are ambitious, driven, accomplishing their dreams and seeing their visions through. But I learn more from those who understand that the balance between reaching goals and building the right types of foundations are key. Some may say that I’ve lived multiple lives in my 31 (soon to be 32) years. I’ve changed careers, locations and orientations in that time. I have chosen different paths based on what felt right in that moment. But as I age and mature I realize that balancing my free spirit with building a stable footing is priority. My legacy will not be based in the things that I’ve done, but rather it will be displayed through the way in which those I love and respect speak of me. It will be visible in the honor I receive from the man and life partner my spirit chooses. It will be abundant in the love and respect my future children have for me. Those are the things of importance…

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