Ceremonies & Dress Fittings & Everything Else

The most important part of our wedding for me is the ceremony. We could have a stupidly expensive party any time with less hassle and more choice over who we can invite but the ceremony, that happens once. That’s why I was absolutely devastated when we got the pack through about what choices we could have. All the ideas I’d had about a perfect wedding ceremony were all of a sudden, not possible. I panicked, it was last Saturday and the registry office wouldn't be open until Tuesday. I just had to wait. Tuesday came and I tried phoning throughout the day, I just got their busy message each time.

By Wednesday I felt horrible. I needed to sort this out and I had a friend coming over for lunch so it just had to be sorted. To make matters worse, we were due to give notice at the local registry office on Friday and would have to pay again if we missed it or if we needed to change any crucial details, the only exception was if we were able to reschedule more than 48 hour before the meeting was scheduled. That gave me two hours from when they opened until the deadline to sort out the most important day of my life.

Panicking, after multiple attempts to contact the Canterbury office, I wrote them an email and bought us some time with Swinton, I've now booked us in for the 17th. With the pressure off for that part, Canterbury finally phoned me in response to the email I sent. I wasn't happy with what they said but now I had time to think about it. I had confirmed all of things that were unclear and could consider our options.

I busied myself with tidying the house before the cleaners were due (like you do) I updated Linked In with my new unemployed but not looking for work until October status and took new photos of Diego so that we can put him up for sale again.

Dress Fittings

With time to think about the ceremony, on Thursday I had bigger things to worry about; my first dress fittings for my bespoke wedding dress. I know it’s an obvious part of the wedding that everyone will want to look at the bride and take photos but it’s a horrible feeling when you realise that you’re not just being self conscious or paranoid, everyone will actually be staring at you, judging you for your choice of hair do, how flawless you've managed to look, the dress. Probably mainly the dress.

I had managed to put off dress shopping for almost a year after getting engaged, I reasoned with myself that January would be the best time to go dress shopping because people would have no money left after Christmas so it might be quiet and it’d be cold, I always get hot and bothered in changing rooms trying on clothes so January seemed as good as it was going to get. It was horrific and tiring and it became very clear that nothing available in a shop, in any kind of reasonable budget, was going to be even half way towards what I wanted. At the time I knew I wanted sleeves, I wanted a massive ball gown and I didn't want anything with a non symmetrical shape or any bling on it. Impossible, lop sided ruching and various shades of ivory looked awful on me. It’s just not me to wear shiny white fabric, I wanted colour and pattern. It became clear that the dress would have to be a hand made one of a kind.

I found a dressmaker relatively easily, we met up and designed my dress together back in February, we chose the fabric and I paid the deposit and then we arranged a series of appointments to measure and fit my outfit for the day. I was mainly happy with what we’d discussed but I was a bit worried about some of the things we’d discussed like how I’d have to have a dropped waist because I'm so short. Well this all played on my mind right up until this Thursday just gone, the first two dress fittings. I was so scared, I turned up 40 minutes early, armed with examples of the things I wanted to change, ready to fight my corner for my dream dress.

Everything was fine, I had no need to worry. It is a scary thing trying to overrule a creative person with your own design ideas, especially when you’re standing in their house in just your underwear. But it was fine, it was really good. I had to go and amuse myself while she mocked up the first part for an hour and a half and then come back for the second fitting. In the end, we've had to schedule in more fittings than we initially thought but I feel good about it now and I'm looking forward to it taking shape.

Thursday was also a productive day for other reasons, I finalised the guest list, completed the wedding website (including adding a chicken to every page), contacted four potential celebrants for the ceremony and generally felt good about the progress I was making with everything. That was until about 19:00…

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