I just want to write something first.

There are a lot of things I want to do.

I want to have my own domain but it is too pricey for me to pay 20 dollars per year when I still haven’t figured out if I can write. So I decided to start writing first and see how it goes.

So what is my story? Fresh graduate, well probably no longer that fresh. I told my dad that I want to create something on my own and then I came to Singapore. I live in a hostel.

About the city, it is nice. It is too modern in a sense that all my Singaporean friends either go shopping or go to a movie on weekends. I managed to do a picnic last weekend with a friend but it feels so different from the European/British countryside life. We went to IKEA to get some sparkling apple juice and chocolate waffles. We wanted to sit somewhere near the water/river/pond but we failed to find a open/friendly grassy area to sit down. It is too modern and picnic blanket seems useless.

Apart from countryside life, I also like cafe hopping and doing various sports. On the bright side, there are a lot of hipster cafes everywhere. So if I get super bored on the weekend, I will expand my #tpppcafehopinglist. I am now more into taking photos of food instead of myself. I even downloaded an app called Foodie that can make my food look nicer.

I have tried Muay Thai, body combat, indoor cycling, boxing, hot yoga, yoga, indoor climbing and bouncing so far. Going to different fitness studios and exploring the neighbourhood after the workout has become one of my favourite things now. Somehow, I figured out how to make myself happy. I have been doing all these on my own. There is no gym buddy, no cafe hopping buddy etc.

I used to think eating alone is stupid. I used to think I can’t share a room with 5 other people in a hostel. But I did it.

The perks of spending time alone are massive. I now have at least one hour reading time every day. I feel sad when everyone on the tube is looking at their phone. I try to convince myself that maybe they are reading something interesting on the phone. I finished reading 4 books so far and I just ordered 6 new books from Book Depository (Great website!).

I become more confident since I realised that my happiness does not rely on anyone else. I am perfectly fine spending time on my own and I enjoy it. When my friends ask me why I am not seeing anyone, it has been a long time since my breakup, I always say I am dating myself now and I feel happy. I definitely need this amount of time to know better about myself instead of jumping into a relationship. In Swifty’s song out of the woods, she sings that “I lost you but I found myself”, which is bloody true.

I got more to say. I have a lot of stories to share. I think I should write something on a weekly basis.