10 Reasons to Live in A Fantasy World

And let’s be honest, you’re already renting space here.

Rooming with your daydreams, among the fairies and trolls that you only ever visit when you’re feeling adventurous.

1) It’s the natural habitat of your fears and desires. When you’re here you feel them so electrically, sparking in the air all around you. Each breath fills your lungs with buzzing energy, making you want to scale the nearest mountain or hop on the back of a dragon, shouting for the whole world to hear

2) It’s the dull roar of responsibility that keeps you away. Trapping you in the hamster wheel routines of everyday life

3) In this world lives freedom. At the top of that gleaming mountain or on the back of that majestic dragon. But you keep forgetting…

4) You try to find these sensations in the real world. Saying you’ll be happy once this much work is done. That reaching the next goal will make you as giddy as a child

5) But it never does. You’re numb, and hungrier than ever before

6) Here you need not slave away for happiness. Happiness is in the air we breathe and the water we drink

7) Motivation is not something you’ll plead for. You’ll already be taking on that mountain with glee

8) So why not forget your troubles… take a breather… close your eyes….

9) And come here, to your fantasy world

10) Let the earth churn away while you soar


Originally published at www.howtoscreamincolor.com on January 1, 2015.

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