Four years ago this month, the Rana Plaza building in this Bangladesh garment factory collapsed. Just…. collapsed. Look at the thing- buildings like that don’t deteriorate overnight. And all we’re looking at here is a failed infrastructure, never mind the working conditions that came along with it. 

1,138 people died in that collapse. Most of the victims were young women, just like you and me. They had families. They had goals, and dreams, and aspirations that likely went beyond the walls of the crumbling factory where they made an unsustainable “living.” 

It’s normal to turn the other cheek, and let out of sight situations remain out of mind. I did. But right now, in the beautiful throes of motherhood, how is it possible to ignore those women, who want the very joyful life as I?

Here’s the good news. There’s a fashion revolution simmering as we speak. It happens to be Fashion Revolution Week right now. Search for #whomademyclothes on Instagram and you’ll see about 130,000 posts with the very same focus as this one.
If you want cheap, try Thred Up or the Salvation Army. Cheaper? Try a church sale (50 cent treasures, anyone?) If you have a sizable clothing budget, search for ethical, revolutionized labels. Seek brands with an origin story, not a thick, clearanced catalog. And if you’re interested in learning more, watch The True Cost movie or read up on the details at It’ll inspire you to ask, “Who made my clothes?”

I, for one, can’t buy any more without knowing the answer. Fast Fashion is on its way out, but only if we stop buying in.

I’m game. Are you?