Study Skills 101: Ace that Test by Advance Studying

We students deposit in our minds the new topics we learn in school every day. But the “amount” varies, depending on how much we deposit this new knowledge, whether be it 100 pesos or 1,000 pesos worth of knowledge. However, we sometimes tend to deposit very little, not deposit in time, or not deposit at all. Eventually, when we need to withdraw the knowledge for an upcoming quiz or test—BAM! We have little to none deposited in our accounts. But there is a way to secure some knowledge for any future use: advance study.

Advance study is studying a topic ahead of time. It is like investing your knowledge instead of just depositing it. Here, we gain more knowledge over time, bit by bit. It has been one of my study habits in life and I can say that it is effective. Here are some benefits of advance study that you can consider.

You have an idea on the topic.

When you study ahead, you will have an idea on the upcoming topic. You will have less confusion when the teacher elaborates the topic in school. In addition, you will have time to research and study it further without rushing. This is how your knowledge investment goes. You invest your knowledge, then when you deposit in your account, you can invest a bit more while you have some “amount” left in your account.

Ease of mind.

Now you won’t have to worry about seeing your brain account with little to no knowledge deposited. Since you have an idea on the topic, you will have ease of mind when you need to withdraw it for a quiz or exam. For example, your teacher gives you a surprise quiz. Since you studied, you will know what the answer is. There was a time when I had a quiz right after the topic was discussed. Knowing that I studied beforehand, I answered the quiz without much effort. My result was a perfect score while some of my classmates had scores that are between passing and perfect.

Extra time is used efficiently.

Your knowledge is not something you leave in a brain bank and then withdrawn if needed. You need to take action so that your knowledge grows. If you have time, invest your knowledge in advance study. Trust me, you will not regret it. I have spent a portion of my time at home, looking up at the topics ahead. I would’ve spent that time dozing off, playing games, or watching TV, but I chose to study ahead. In these past few years until now, I have not regretted making that decision.

Advance study is beneficial for the growth of your knowledge. However, it requires determination, complete attention, and full focus. Here are some preparatory guidelines to consider before you start studying in advance:

  • You will have to bring all your books and notebooks with you from school to your home. So you might consider ditching the locker and having a large bag that’s big enough to store all your books and notebooks. In addition, prepare to bring a bit of a heavy load. Trust me, I had a hard time going up the stairs since I have a heavy bag in the front and a lighter bag in the back.
  • When you start studying, you will have to refrain yourself from any distractions. These include: gadgets, TV, toys, or anything that will take away your attention.
  • Take advance studying seriously. Make it like you’re studying for a test. That way, you have better focus.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for any clarifications or questions. That way, you learn a bit more.

I hope you can consider taking up this investment plan. It is beneficial for your future. As they say, “Action now, reward later. Procrastinate now, perish later.”

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