There are already political kangaroo courts used to demonise and banish young men who fall out of…
Douglas Milnes

Douglas, making comment on real-life situations, such as college campus sexual assault, is hardly scaremongering. 1 in 4 college women will be raped during their academic career, and only 30% of students found guilty are expelled. The empowerment of rape survivors through a fictional TV show wherein the main characters take judicial action that seems absent in reality is positive, and will hopefully aid in the destigmatisation of assault victims. To argue that it “encourage[s] violent vigilantes to be anonymously roaming in patrol” is absurd to me, it’s a work of fiction, and to insinuate that it will catalyse a riot of ‘feminists’ to begin murdering and assaulting their assaulters is akin to suggesting that ‘Breaking Bad’ has given birth to a new generation of young men who will cook meth for the rest of their lives. It’s fiction and its premise is supposed to be unrealistic! If anything, the show provides hope to those of us who feel the justice system has let us down, when the politicians you speak of casually dismiss sexually violent language as ‘boy talk’, and a boy who assaulted a college student behind a dumpster whilst she was unconscious is called a ‘swim star’ and given a mere 3 months in prison. Your points on the mistreatment of the accused further proves the complete inadequacy of many college’s stance and actions taken towards ridding sexual assault from campuses, including the thorough investigation of accusations. Your linked sources are biased, have no factual base and depict clear misogynistic undertones throughout, I would advise you- next time you make a comment dismissing the validity/existence of rape in itself- to instead find statistics and facts sourced from a site other than ‘’. I apologise for the overall messiness of this comment but I am rather passionate about this topic!