#WatchMeSCAD: An ultimatum


It’s me. Raine. I’m the one who graduated last May from the Writing department. I’m the one who spent all winter of my sophomore year at the Office for Institutional Advancement calling parents and alumni asking them to donate money to the scholarship fund because there wasn’t enough to go around.

I’m the one who’s been commenting on your video of Silentó performing onstage at the Class of 2019 orientation for the past 24 hours. I’m the one who’s tagged you in multiple statuses demanding to know how much you spent on that performance to promote a silly social media campaign: #WatchMeSCAD.

I’m not going to go into how hypocritical this is because you know it. If you didn’t, you might have responded to my posts by now.

  • Your institution has been accused of sweeping sexual assaults and crimes on campus under the rug.
  • You disregard students’ best interests and censor faculty concerns in the name of the Student Code of Conduct. For example, you know students use drugs and drink on campus but refuse to allow a student-facilitated drug and alcohol awareness program.
  • You refuse to pay for school-mandated therapy with non-SCAD-affiliated clinics and ban students from taking classes if they don’t complete treatment.
  • You pay for outlandish ceremonies and events but have taken no initiative to get gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, despite having the largest number of trans and non-binary students on record.

Should I go on all the rumors about the Hong Kong campus being a joke; about the rated worthlessness of your degrees; about the cheap commercial quality of your over-produced DisneyLand aesthetic (that has somehow become more relevant than the power and ingenuity of your teachers — at least, the ones you didn’t hire straight out of your own program)?

You won’t answer me on Facebook, so I’m giving you till September 26th, the first SCAD Day of the 2015–2016 school year, to issue a report about the money you’ve spent this year on “celebrations.” I wanna know what kind of cash you’ve spent on SCAD Days, exhibition openings (like all that sushi and lemonade, ya know?), Collaborative Learning Center brunches, lunches, expenses, flying in and accommodating speakers or performers for graduation, orientation, the Fashion Show, the Sand Arts Festival, the Film Festival, YOU NAME IT. And you best believe at the very top of that list better be how much you spent on Silentó, his backup dancers, and styling for the performance.

In addition to that report, I expect to see a letter issued by SCAD detailing the ways the administration will crack down on superfluous spending in the next fiscal year with ways we can track the progress of your budgeting.

If you issue nothing — if you continue to ignore me — I will make sure September 26th is a nightmare of public protest. I am finished listening to rumors of soap opera drama at the expense of students’ ability to go to college.

I will contact every alumni, student, and news organization I know in this city to be there. Sure, the 2019 orientation must have been a blast and a half. But how many students will reconsider the legitimacy of your institution when posters documenting your disturbing use of funds are flailing wildly in their eye line as they get off the tour bus? Is that the kind of #WatchMeSCAD moment you want to be a part of, or what?

Thanks for your non-compliance. It’s given me an opportunity to apply some of the spirit and skill I developed while a part of your institution. I don’t look forward to escalating the situation but have no problem doing so in an attempt to hold you accountable for your actions.

Raine Blunk
Class of 2014

Please share this post in an effort to bring it to SCAD’s attention as they will pretend it doesn’t exist as long as they possibly can. Raine is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They are reachable by email at raine.blunk@gmail.com.