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I’m not sure why Matt should be expected to comment — he’s done nothing wrong. As your own article points out, acting is about people “willing to choose the person they feel best suits the role.” And he had already expressed admiration for the original play, and a wish to play Freda in a theater someday, a couple of years back.

To cast Matt Bomer as the villain in this story is really annoying, and must be hurtful to him. His career *has* been tainted by discrimination, as he and other credible sources have acknowledged. Interestingly enough, in an interview just a couple of weeks ago, he credited a transgender woman he worked with at a theater festival as helping him come to terms with being gay.

What’s next? Matt can only play gay characters? That’s going to cause a bit of a problem for The Last Tycoon, because Amazon only gave the green light to the project contingent on getting him to sign on as Monroe Stahr. Oh, and he isn’t jewish either, so I guess he really MUST be replaced. Maybe only actual serial killers can play one on TV? (Not sure how a crew would feel about working on that one… And what about Mark Harmon? Is he really a killer, a la Ted Bundy, or a federal agent like Leroy Jethro Gibbs??? Actually, I guess he must be both because we absolutely can’t rely on ACTING…)

Word of this film, and Matt’s role, actually came out on Twitter months ago, while he was in Cannes celebrating The Nice Guys. So this hack job isn’t even timely, much less “progressive” for a site called Think Progress.

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