This is not an article, it’s a monologue, one of the
many I have on a daily basis. This is a dedication to
all the beautiful souls I have the privilege of interacting
with often

I am all for motivational talks and helping people out. There is some sense of fulfillment that comes from making someone else smile. But once in a while you just want to sit down, relax, have a glass of wine or just have a glass of anything and reflect on the people who have been a blessing in your life. For once don’t think about your family, your friends or the love of your life.

Think of the people you never pay any attention to, yet they make your life way easier that it should. In my case, I’m currently thinking of the lady who makes us tea at work. Beautiful lady indeed. Not only does she always make tea on time, but she does it with so much gusto and devotion it would have you marvel at how tranquil and peaceful she is.

Just like everyone else she has her own struggles, be it financial or otherwise, but she never lets that interfere with her work. Making tea might seems like a inconsequential job, most if not all of us do it every day when we wake up in the morning, but having to do that every single day for people with different temperaments and personality surely takes more than just dedication.
It takes a sense of calmness and inner peace, which most of us don’t have.

She’s one of the people who I get to interact with at work and I’ve come to love how bubbly she is all the time. We all have people in our lives who continually endure our torturous attitude and still manage to show up for work every day despite the situations we put them in or those beyond our control. You might argue that they need the money and that’s why they stay, whatever their reasons might be, we have no justification as to why we force people to undergo our emotional wrecking ball.

I am grateful to all the people who have tried to make my life better directly or indirectly. You should try it too, it’s actually very humane, and you might like it.

You are among the many treasures in this world. 
God bless you all because you illuminate the
 beauty in the unnoticeable tasks.

😍 ❤️ 😘 ♥ 💋

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