InternetNOW&THAN(not for comp.PT)

The INTERNET before was used to comminicate with others in an ESIER way, rather than go ACROSS the WORLD just to say, “how are you in ex.CALIFORNIA?” And so before the INTERNET was very HELPFUL before. And a lot of SCIENTIST had a lot of IDEAS to COSTIMIZE these and make it even BETTER! When we download GOOD INFORMATION is would take a very LONG time to load, and so the SCIENTISTS made it even FASTER, again by CUSTOMISING it.


But nowadays, we use it for other things like ex.hurting others, saying something BAD to one another and finding other peoples INFORMATION. And now theres SOCIAL MEDIA like, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snow, and even more than you can IMAGINE! They use those apps to get peoples INFORMATION! And even Medium. So thats why I’m saying this to help you be safe.


So like I said before BE CAREFUL with using the INTERNET NOW, because there could be someone PRETENDING to be someone.


Watch these videos on how the INTERNET is making us in DANGER!

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internet danger video — YouTube

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