Saving the history of the 2016 Democratic primary election fraud

What’s unsettling is that when Hillary Clinton says she beat Bernie by four million votes, she very likely genuinely believes it. It was easy to ignore all the voter suppression and electoral fraud that took place throughout the primaries, and Clinton and her associates have the most to gain egotistically by blocking that history out. Anyway, here are a few things one can do to bring this history into being the officialy accepted account:

-Put together an anthology of the election fraud incidents that happened last year, preferably on paper so that its survival is insured, and keep it in your home. I’ve done this by documenting those incidents in my historical book about the 2016 election.

-Continue to regularly post and talk about these incidents, while regularly re-reading the articles documenting them. This is important for not letting that history be forgotten, though it should of course be balanced out with even more focus on the current crises we’re facing.

-Discourage consumption of corporate media outlets like the New York Times (which went out of its way to deny the 2016 election fraud), while building authentic journalism sources like Counterpunch and Lee Camp (the latter of which has rather heroically covered the election fraud in detail).

Let’s get to work.