The government’s lies about Iran and North Korea

To be clear…

-Iran has at no point been noncompliant with the nuclear deal. This is a lie that the neocons are pushing to revive their regime change plan for Iran, which collapsed in 2007 with the refuting of Bush’s second war runnup hoax.

-North Korea‘s position is that it’s willing to negotiate on nuclear weapons, an offer the U.S. has consistently rejected. This suggests Kim Jong Un, who shows no signs of being unstable, is doing these missile tests because he knows it’s how to deter America from attacking.

-The U.S. government has falsely claimed threats from a foreign power in order to create war dozens of times in recent decades. And it has good reason to do this with Iran and North Korea, as Iran is a Russia ally with oil resources and North Korea sits on trillions in minerals.

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