These are my resolutions as a revolutionary. I suggest others take them up too:

-Make engagement in current events part of your daily routine, and seek out sources for this other than the establishment media. Every day I’m checking on Consortiumnews, Counterpunch, and World Socialist Website for important information.

-We can avoid being exhausted with the political fight by incorporating it into our routines and consciousness. Treat it like eating breakfast, or any other essential daily task.

-Confront the ego, unecessary anger, and self-righteousness that‘s present in all of us. Constantly reminding yourself of your potential for corruption, and of the much greater rewards that will come from embracing a reality based on compassion and peace, make you equipped to fight our corrupt systems. It fills the insanity of our political situation with a completely different presence. I’ve failed at this practice many times in the last year, but hopefully this next one will be better.

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