#COP22 Renewed My Hope for Our Earth

As a laureate of the French Ministry of Environment’s 100 Projects for the Climate, I was invited to participate in the first meeting of the new global consortium 4 per 1000 during COP22, along with other signatories from 34 nations.

Regeneration International’s team became allies during COP22.

As botanical and environmental artist, envisioning future art exhibits to tell the story of the rainforest of my birth, I created a fabric banner for the first physical meeting of the 4 per 1000 consortium, collecting handwritten signatures. You’ll find the entire text of the actual Declaration of Intention for 4 per 1000 on my blog.

The results of the event and the beauty of the banner both exceeded my expectations and renewed my hope for our Earth.

Meet a few of the people who left their mark…

Stéphane Le Foll — Minister of Agriculture, France
DOSSO née KONE Bassiné — Technical Advisor for Communication and Agricultural Promotion, Ivory Coast
Mamadou Sangafowa Coulibaly — Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ivory Coast
Tabaré Aguerre — Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Uruguay
Walter Oyhantçabal— Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries, Uruguay
Paula Triviño — Tarradas-Project Manager at the European Conservation Agriculture Federation, Spain
Professor Lhoussaïne Elrhaffari — R&D Services et Produits de Terroirs et des écosystèmes, Morocco
Suzanne Lutfalla — Scientific Officer of the International Research Program 4 per 1000 Soils for Food Security and Climate
Gabrielle Bastien — Director Soil4Climate, Canada
Joanne Schanté — Open Team co-founder, France
John Dennis Liu — Environmental educator and documentary filmmaker “Hope in a Changing Climate,” China
Serene Liu — Assistant Researcher at Environmental Education Media Project for China
Alana Lea with Griffen Klement — Regeneration International, Open Team and Scale Camp participants at COP22
Andy Lipkis — Founder of TreePeople, Los Angeles, USA
Margie Bushman — President of Santa Barbara Permaculture Network, USA
Samuel Michel — co-Chief Executive Officer AAE-Ass.Amis Des Enfants, Haiti
John Roulac — Founder of Nutiva & Supporter of Sustainable Agriculture
Caroline MacDougall — Founder of Teeccino & Supporter of Sustainable Agriculture

Other signers of the commemorative banner include Isabel García Tejerina — Minister of Agriculture for Spain, Mark Sinclair — Climate Change Ambassador for New Zealand, Embassy of the Earth, Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples, The Hopi Raincatchers, Regeneration International, Shubhendu Sharma, Paul Hawken, and many more…

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