Top Tips for Moving in Vancouver

Moving can be a tedious task, even if you are staying within the city of Vancouver. However, there are a few things you can do to make it a bit easier, such as availing of professional movers in Vancouver. At Rainforest Moving, we are experts when it comes to moving, so let us let you in on a few secrets, so your move won’t be so difficult.

When You Move

Most places go up for rent for the first of the month herein Vancouver. That means that moving in Vancouver at the end of the month can be chaotic, because everybody is doing it. If you are moving to an apartment,the elevator in the building might be hard to use frequently and street parking could become an issue for large moving trucks. If you can, try to arrange your move for the second, or third week of the month. Many movers in Vancouver even offer discount rates at these times.

Be Organized

Don’t leave packing for your move until the night before, or even the week before. This causes more stress than you can imagine. Start planning weeks in advance so you can be ready and make the most of your professional movers in Vancouver. At Rainforest Moving, we offer a helpful checklist and preparation tips on our website, so you can be as organized as possible for your upcoming move.

Recognize the Opportunity

Moving in Vancouver can be a great opportunity to declutter your life. You probably have many things, such as furniture you don’t really use, or clothes that you don’t wear that could go to better homes. There are a lot of charities and thrift stores in Vancouver that will happily accept these items, so long as they are in good condition, and you can create more space and have less items for your movers in Vancouver to take. It’s a win-win situation!