Sinks suck

I used to move around a lot when I was a kid and there’s something that all the houses I’ve lived in had in common.

The sinks always sucked.

This time around, it’s the bathroom sink at my new residence in Sydney.

Everything from the shape, the size, and that godforsaken faucet that loomed above like the devil incarnate.

The image doesn’t do justice the shallowness of this basin

When you have a basin that’s barely the width of two hands, it doesn’t take a lot of motion to splash water up and down the walls.

And unless my grandmother was using this anyone over 4' 11" would be smashing their hands against top of the basin due to the stubby length of the faucet.

water is constantly running down the wall and pooling on the floor beneath the basin

All of these experiences have made me extremely neurotic when brushing my teeth or washing my face in an attempt to limit splashing.

If my bathroom was Korea, the basin would be the North and my toilet would be the South.

Every now and then (all the time) the splashing will also reach the toilet which is in close proximity.

The dream of a clean bathroom is a distant one, one that I will probably never experience in my lifetime.

I write this in the hope that the people who build bathrooms understand the pain they cause to many ordinary people around the world that are just trying to get by.

- A disgruntled resident