As soon as you start comparing yourself to others you begin to forget who you are. This is the true source of pain for a lot of people, and it especially was for me — I had no idea who I was. I felt like nobody, I felt like nothing.

My entire childhood I was told my independence was my greatest quality and simultaneously my greatest flaw. I felt like a mistake often because I simply could not operate in the ways expected of me.

This is something that ruins your life until you realize it’s only ruining the life…

How reconnecting with your physical body can lead to unpacking years of unprocessed trauma.

Growing up, physical exercise was always something extremely foreign to me. I had never been on any sport teams and I was always the last to finish the mile throughout grade school. My disconnection to my…

Rain Lumi

lover by nature. i’ll write about wherever my heart decides to take me. @earth2rain

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