Wagmi Defense Ultimate Game Guide

Table of Contents

  1. About Wagmi Defense
  2. FAQ
  3. How to Start Playing?
  4. First Impressions
  5. Learning Curve
  6. Difficulty & Strategy
  7. Graphics & Sound
  8. Balance of Challenge & Reward
  9. Storyline
  10. Overall Conclusion
  11. Features & Earning Potential
  12. How to Cashout?

WAGMI DEFENSE, the first phase for WAGMI GAMES, is currently under development for Android and iOS platforms as a PVP tower defense battle game (desktop in future phase). The game is now accessible through the web-based platform. Players will need to buy at least one of the Genesis NFTs available in the market. Users will compete against one another in the game utilizing “NFT” units. These NFT cards are collectible cards that you can buy from the “WAGMI Network.” Each card uses a significant amount of energy and cools down differently.

WAGMI Defense aims for players to tactically push and destroy the opposing team’s key bases by strategically laying traps and offensive and defensive movements. Winner competitions inside the game will provide WAGMI tokens to users. These tokens can be withdrawn and redeemed for genuine digital cash in your blockchain wallet.

In addition, there will be leaderboards where you can earn bigger prizes. Users can play the game with a “basic set” of cards for free. If a player wants to go to a higher ranking and more rewarding game, they must acquire NFTs from “WAGMI Network,” which will pay real digital currency.


Is Wagmi Defense Already Live?

  • It’s currently in BETA phase and only Genesis NFT holders can play the game

How can I buy NFTs in Wagmi Defense?

  • You can visit our Rainmaker Games Platform site
  • Tap the “View NFT” button

How Much is the Initial Capital to Start in Wagmi Defense?

  • You need at least 0.65 ETH or $1060 USD

For more FAQs about Wagmi Defense check out the RMG Featured Games Channel in the RMG Official Discord.

How to Start Playing?

It is simple to get started. Players just need to create a MetaMask wallet. Next, you need to connect the wallet to the BSC network and other game components from this website. The app is either desktop web or phone browser download in PlayStore and AppStore then you can connect to the game.

First Impressions

This game appears to have great potential and is quite intriguing. However, there is still much opportunity for improvement. Clash Royale is somewhat comparable, however instead of the Army, Knight, etc., you play as aliens and humans. However, I’m not a fan of how the battlefield appears; the whole thing looks awful. I’m hoping for more tangible results from everything. You will enjoy it if you enjoy playing games of strategic tower defense.

Learning Curve

The gameplay is just a lot of fun and allows you to strategize. As a player, it is easy to be familiarized with the game. You can quickly understand how to move around and explore the game to try games within the ecosystem. You need to deploy your alien or human NFTs to defend your tower and as well as you need to deploy for optimal positioning your human or alien NFTs to attack the enemy tower to secure victory.

Difficulty & Strategy

It’s difficult to get to the top of the rankings while playing PVP. There are a lot of players who are competitive to play, especially those who have strong lineups for their alien and human NFTs.

Choose from various offensive cards, such as amazing laser blasts, supersonic waves, or other futuristic attacks. Because each card has strengths and weaknesses, organizing your defense and offense is critical. Upgradeable in-game cards improve attack and health while also increasing the intrinsic value of NFTs.

There are five play-to-win-to-win conditions that you must be aware of while playing Wagmi Defense. First, You win immediately if you destroy the other player’s main tower. Second, The elixir regeneration speed is doubled if neither player can destroy their opponent’s main tower within the first two minutes. Third, If each player’s main tower remains standing after 3 minutes and each player has destroyed an equal number of arena towers, sudden death begins. Fourth, In a sudden death match, the first player to destroy a tower wins. Lastly, If no tower is destroyed during sudden death, the match is a tie, and neither player gains or loses any relics (trophies). No one loses their tokens if the match is a WAGER.

Graphics & Sounds

WAGMI Defense has decent 3D graphics. It is relatively standard. The background sound and sound effects, though common, complement the whole gameplay.


There is no available information yet about the Wagmi Defense’s storyline.

Balance of Challenge & Reward

In PVP mode, you’ll choose a side (aliens or humans) and defend your three towers against your opponent in a fast-paced PVP model with the option of a friendly fight or the ability to wager the WAGMI token in a winning battle.

Defending your tower is a difficult task. To win this game and get rewards, each player must choose whether they are human or alien and strategize the battle to protect their tower. However, unlike other NFT games, it is simple to play. Moreover, the game will have a PVE mode that you can eventually play. It will be released in v2.

Overall Conclusion

If you want to play a simple game while earning money, WAGMI Defense is the game you need to get into. Legacy is an enjoyable game with fantastic visuals. You must use techniques to defeat your opponents because this is a tower defense game. I advise you to completely comprehend the game’s mechanics and how it can test you. As long as Wagmi Defense is still developed, the Wagmi Defense team will release updates frequently.

Features & Earning Potentials

Wagmi Defense is powered by Ethereum Blockchain. In addition, it utilizes WAGMI tokens ($WAGMI). $WAGMI is an ERC-20 type token and vital to the WAGMI Ecosystem. Moreover, it will be the only virtual currency used in the PvP aspect of the game. It has a total supply of 2.2 trillion tokens.

There are several overall game features when playing Wagmi defense. Through our collaboration with Immutable X, we are able to provide a nearly gas-free NFT Marketplace (ETH), Tiered Rare Collectables and In-Game NFTs, A skill-based wagering system is used in PVP, Character upgrades, towers, and power-ups, Emotes, accessories, customization and Play to Earn and Pay for Advancement.

Aside from that, there are 6 social game features that you need to know while playing Wagmi Defense. First, Make Your Own Clan and Earn Rewards for Sharing Cards. Second, a room can have up to 50 people chatting at the same time. Third, Integration of Twitch and Other Streaming Social Networks. Fourth, Match Replay Embedded for Matches. Lastly, Spectator Mode Enables the Community to View Live Matches, and last all player battle decks will be visible to assist the community in identifying strategies.

To earn in Wagmi Defense, players must have to participate in in-game activities like PVP. Other rewards are available if you reach one of the players on the higher rankings. Before you start playing the game, you must have at least three troops and one spell. You can also earn by selling nfts on the open sea marketplace.

How to Cashout?

  • WAGMI tokens will automatically reflect to your Metamask wallet
  • Convert your WAGMI tokens to any stable coins
  • Send your stable coins to your Binance account

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Visit Wagmi Defense on: https://rmg.io/games/wagmidefense

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