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Croydon Council has appointed Rainmaker as its strategic partner for the ‘Good to Great’ multi-sourcing programme that will implement new ICT capability across the council over the next three years.

The Good to Great Programme recognises the step change in business value the council needs from ICT in the future. It is a key enabler for the council to design effective and efficient ICT solutions that deliver great services to customers, residents and staff, making a real difference to people’s lives.

The Programme’s vision is based around changing the council’s ICT delivery model by moving away from the its current single-supplier ICT contract to a mix of specialist vendors managed by an in-house team. In the process, it plans to change the council’s internal ICT organisation to increase the level of control and accountability for the new supply arrangements. …

“I want to show people that we are all capable of amazing things. You have to dream big and have big ambitions and you can achieve your dreams.”

Rainmaker ambassador, cycling’s 7-day world record holder, and two-time cancer survivor, James Golding, has won the 2018 Pride of Birmingham Award for Fundraiser of the Year.

To date, James has raised over £3 million pounds for UK cancer charities.

In February 2009, as he was being rushed into emergency surgery, doctors told James’ family that he probably wouldn’t make it through the night. …

Rainmaker in South Africa (Filmed by Francis Cade)

Rainmaker Solutions is delighted to announce its support for the Team Bäckstedt HotChillee Development Rider Programme in South Africa.

Team Bäckstedt HotChillee aims to foster young cycling talent in South Africa and Europe, and create a pathway into the pro peloton through a combination of coaching, mentoring, performance testing and racing, with the support of Velokhaya Cycling Academy, Cape Town Giants and others.

As well as providing funding through its charitable Buffalo Foundation, Rainmaker will support Team Bäckstedt HotChillee through the Rainmaker Academy, providing IT support and skills training, equipping riders for the future workplace by teaching them to code and developing programming skills. …


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