(New Trier High School, 2018)

We are Warriors!

Thank you so much for having me and hello fellow Trevians. A fun fact, for those of you who don’t know, a Trevian is a person from Trier Germany who was given a BMW on their 16th birthday.

I find it ironic that we’re gathering here, in the Sears Center, considering probably not a single person in this room has ever set foot inside of a Sears.

It’s really my privilege to be speaking to you today, thank you so much again for having me. Thirty-four years ago, which is an…

It’s 5 am and my alarm goes off. There’s not a hint of daylight in the sky. I blearily plod downstairs to the kitchen and fumble around for a carton of eggs, some frozen veggie sausages, spinach and corn tortillas. My stomach is not ready for food. It wants maybe some coffee and definitely more sleep. But not a gigantic breakfast. As I prepare myself and my wife a pre-dawn feast I think grumpily about how exactly I got here.

You see, every March, for nineteen days leading up to the first day of spring, members of the Baha’i Faith…

Thank you for this opportunity, dear reader. I’ve always wanted to write an article for an “in-flight” magazine. When I get on an airplane, the absolutely first thing I do is grab the magazine from the imitation leather pouch in front of me and see what’s on the cover. I’ll do this even before I fasten my seatbelt! That’s how eager I am to escape into “Sky” or “Hemispheres” or “Latitudes” or “Departures”. (If I had my own in-flight magazine, I’d call it “Skywords!” Get it? Skywards?)

I always hope for Clooney on the front. He’s usually got something interesting…

By Rainn Wilson

Dear readers, if you will, cast your imaginations far back into the past — two hundred years ago, to the year 1817. Let them roam far, far away, towards a distant land, Persia; a place of deserts and mountains, of camels and horses, historic dynasties and ornate mosques, with the call to prayer ringing out across chaotic, teeming bazaars.

So far so good? Good. Let’s continue.

In that ancient region, that special year witnessed the birth of an extraordinary man, a social justice visionary, a mystic revolutionary and religious leader who was given the title Baha’u’llah —…

In January of 1986, I was a stick-like, pimply, hyper-sensitive college student who wanted to be a professional actor. I was an above average performer, but after a few confused auditions at professional theaters around Seattle, I knew that I would need some serious training if I were ever going to actually get paid to act.

My best friend at the time, John Valadez, and I drove pell-mell down to San Francisco so I could audition for the acting programs at Juilliard and N.Y.U.

After bombing the Juilliard audition on a Saturday, I showed up for the N.Y.U. audition on…

Rainn Wilson

I am an actor among other things. I co-created SoulPancake and Lidè Haiti.

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