Want to Crush BOPIS in 2019? Do These 7 Things!

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As you know, e-commerce continues to change the shopping landscape, compelling retailers to integrate their physical locations with their online experiences. As part of this change, Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) is transforming the way consumers interact with retailers.

“Thriving in today’s dynamic retail environment requires a strategy for successfully executing a BOPIS model,” says Retail Dive. You can start by evaluating your current BOPIS activities.

Here’s how:

1. Evaluate the BOPIS Process at Other Stores

Take on the role of secret shopper and try out the BOPIS experience at other retailers. This way, you’ll gain perspective from a different vantage point.

By comparing the execution of BOPIS in a broader market, you’ll spark out-of-the-box thinking that will help you refine your own process.

2. Check the Accuracy and Visibility of your Inventory

“The success of BOPIS lives and dies with inventory visibility,” states Retail Dive. If you lack visibility in the availability of items, your customers will too, making BOPIS painful and ineffective.

Having a fully integrated cloud-based POS system will reduce the employee and customer frustration that comes from offering out of stock and/or unavailable products and prevent shoppers from going to other retailers where immediate pick-up is available for their requested items.

3. Choose a Viable BOPIS Solution

While there are several BOPIS fulfillment options available, not every solution will be right for your store. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore other options that might help you leverage your physical location.

For example, automated lockers can act as a standalone solution or work together with other BOPIS services. The great thing about automated lockers is that it streamlines the pick-up process, freeing up your employees to assist customers in other ways. Because it only takes customers a matter of seconds to retrieve their items from a locker, it’s very convenient for customers — particularly when making use of outdoor lockers, which are available 24/7.

4. Make Sure You Train Your Employees

Make sure your team is armed with everything they could possibly need to make your BOPIS experience — and theirs — successful.

“To guarantee shopping with your brand is exceptional every time someone buys online and pick up in store, provide staff with specific training and information they need to make click-and-collectors never hesitate to give you a shining review,” advises Smiota.

5. Communicate With Consumers

It’s imperative that your BOPIS process is clearly and thoroughly communicated to consumers. Promote it on your website, as well as with in-store signage and in email/text communications with your customers.

6. Deliver a Seamless Omnichannel Experience

“Retailers must deliver the total package when it comes to the customer experience,” says Total Retail.

By providing a seamless, consistent experience across all channels (including BOPIS), retailers provide consumers with the convenience of purchasing when and where they like.

7. Analyze Your Own BOPIS Process

Establish a reporting system to provide quick insight into the ROI of your BOPIS service and keep your eye on information that draws attention to any areas that need special attention.

Consider sending satisfaction surveys to customers using your BOPIS service to evaluate how you’re doing. Make sure you include plenty of open-ended questions for consumer feedback so you can learn how best to improve your process.


According to Signifyd, nearly 30% of surveyed retailers indicated that BOPIS orders accounted for up to 30% of their online revenue, so it’s probably safe to say it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, consumers are increasingly turning to BOPIS because it’s convenient, providing fast and frictionless order fulfillment.

As a retailer, it’s essential that you consistently look for ways to improve the BOPIS customer experience in 2019 to ensure that will continue to thrive in today’s dynamic retail environment.


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