I work on a substantial amount of copy writing/editing every day and there’s a strange thing I do every time a piece of word document comes to me. I always change the font to Calibri before I work on it. …

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“Do what you want but always be polite.” — Kennie Ting, Director of the Asian Civilisations Museum

I was at NTU the other day to attend the Convocation of the Class of 2017 (if you must ask, it was my little brother who was graduating!). The guest speaker was Kennie Ting and he had this piece of advice for the graduates which I couldn’t agree more, especially the latter part on being polite.

In Chinese culture, politeness is one of the first virtues that we’re inculcated with from young. As we get older, we begin to embrace other values, to challenge each of our own beliefs, and in the process, politeness gets displaced and sometimes forgotten. …

Rain Wong

Business Development and PR Manager at OWNDAYS SG

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