MozCoffee At AIUB 2k16

What do you do when you attend any seminar or symposium ? Let me just make a guess ! You talk,You listen or You brainstorm or interact and so on and could be thousands of interesting things you do that you have never done before or maybe more than that. We do the same things in Mozilla’s events as you BUT sometimes a bit differently.Let’s just say we laugh,we giggle,we admire,we cherish comradely.

Now whoever is reading this post of mine will surely get a pop-up message in her/his mind why i am writing such poetic things.The answer is , Nothing ! 
Just to let you people know about the recent event that was held on 4th October,2016 in Dhaka named #MozCoffee@AIUB. OK! Those who are still reading …trust me ! I won’t bore you with my heavy dictionary words related to seminars and stuffs,just give you a short outline of that event. Here i begin again…

Basically the program was organized to welcome the new recruiters and get them familiarized with Mozilla.In the very beginning,Asif Raihan briefed us about the mission,vision and purpose of Mozilla and discussed regarding last few events and one them of was #mozgirls events.

Then Sanzida Himi and Nazmus Shakib Robin came one after another to share their sweet and short experiences.After that,Mahbub Alam Papun,Salman Rahman Desh,Anisur Rahman and khalid Syfullah spoke of their exquisite experience and involvement to Mozilla respectively.Lastly,the Mozilla Club and its functional team were declared.And finally we ended the session by taking a Big group picture and not to forget also by having an ambrosial appetizer.
Hashtag: #MozCoffeeAIUB2k16
 #FirefoxAtAIUB #MozCoffeeAIUB2k16 #Mozilla

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