I didn’t write a single line of code, except for `this.article` above, and I didn’t finish reading all 4 articles in my tabs, and I didn’t touch my own article on medium — all this again makes me feel unproductive
I’d like to hear how you deal with many articles that automagically popups in your browser when you…
Sam Aiken


SamAI you have nailed it, Quincy is definitely one of the most “addictive article” writers on medium, while I don’t recommend doing this, the best way to ‘hack’ time is stop reading his articles, he is just too good to avoid with skimming off the first couple of lines.

On a more serious note though and before I get fired from the team, here is a quick tip, I like using a tool like feedly, I almost never go out of the context. It gives me a gist of stuff, that interest me.

If I am very much interested on something, I go ahead and read it on its actual page.

Also I like doing that when my code is compiling,(one of the perks of working in C++, you have a quite few minutes to kill on something interesting).

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