Finding Aloha

After being inundated and overwhelmed with the first 11 days in a Trump America, I felt like I was at a point that the chip on my shoulder had become a cinder block. What started as a wave of uncertainty was pushing me into a monsoon of despair. My heart ached for our whole country with every news article I read. Every moment that yet another executive order was announced I felt I was living in this Lorenz Hart song that kept running through my head — “The sleepless nights, the daily fights, the hot toboggen when you reach the heights…The broken dates, the endless waits, The lovely loving and the hateful hates, The conversations with the flying plates”…but instead of it having a bittersweet and kind of funny ending, it just sat there with the song ending and the melody lingering on. I decided to step back. I took a few days not enveloped in the anger that was quickly eating away at me and took time to as my incredibly amazing sisters in the Hawaii contingent of the Women’s March taught me, “Find my Aloha.”

This was no easy task since that meant I had to (gulp!) unplug. I allowed myself to check once a day and not first thing in the morning (since that totally set the tone for the rest of my day) to scan titles, read through only articles of substance and not comment on anyone’s Twitter or FB feeds or political emails regardless of the things they may be announcing. I focused on having fun with my kids, played more, enjoyed more than I had in weeks and even, dare I say it, relaxed. Then it gave me better insight on just what Raising Resistance Texas needed to do next and our real mission in this trying time. I want to help as many people in as many places possible organize and unify as one voice. Instead of daily actions (though sometimes it may work out that way depending on the situations that arise) we’ll be taking a different direction, focusing on guiding you to all of the events that local and national organizations are holding, any workshops teaching you how to organize your neighborhoods, how to deputize and register voters to prepare for the 2018 elections or scripts that help you know what to say when talking to your reps about particular bills an set appointments with them too. That could mean anything from learning how to start your own grass roots campaign or an informational guide on how to function with Trump in your future. It gives me (and you!) the room to support many different initiatives and causes while focusing on the good versus the negativity.

We have a long haul ahead of us. Even without Trump in office, the damage that he, Pence and much of the Republican party are doing right now and have the opportunity to do in the future couple years will take many more years to recoup from. We can’t falter in our fight for what is right as we find equality for all. In order to do that we must stay centered in a place of goodness and know that if every call, every letter, every protest chant give hope to even one more person, we’re on the right track.