Why TV Shows are Better than Movies

Okay, so first of all. I’m not an expert nor an anti. I’m just a regular 22 year old girl who loves to consume, or to be consumed by such basic entertainment things like tv, movie, internet, music, etc. Lately, I just happened to find that TV show is actually more amusing than movies. And here’s why..

You always have something to look forward to. For me, life’s is either good or great. And one of the reasons life could be great is when the new episode of that tv show that you’ve been following is finally coming after a week, 2 weeks, or so. When the last episode ended with the scene of couple that you’ve been dying to see them together since the beginning of the season has finally having a confession moment about their feelings, during the one week gap between the latest episode with the next episode, and between all your daily activities, you’re just wondering around “What they’re going to say?” “Will it work?” or “How is it gonna be?”. And when you’ve been consumed enough by the show, most of the things that you do in the real life is somehow related to the show. And what a relieving moment it is when you finally watch the new episode. It is even more frustating when It’s been a great season and ended with such a beautiful yet full of question episode but you have to wait at least 4 months until the next season begin. But you know, it’s worth the wait.

Talking about how everything related to a show, this is happening more often when you’re doing a binge-watching. Just in case you’re not familiar, binge-watching is marathon viewing of a multiple episodes of tv show in like a rapid succession. I’m warning you, binge-watching is seriously dangerous. I’ve once spent a month to watch 9 seasons of TheOffice (TOTALLY WORTH IT BTW), and I couldn’t get my mind off of the characters, the plot, the jokes, and everything about The Office. It’s crazy. But the good thing is, it’s somehow make your life more exciting. Ok. This might sound pathetic, but It’s like for a moment, you have your new own world where everything’s more exciting than your real world. Especially when you’re on something that requires routine, or maybe you’re just bored with your life (hey it happens, and it’s totally normal). Let me tell you something my friend, let your mind wonder.

Now I’m not gonna talk about how the tv show affected me. I’m going to say about the man behind the show. I think that the writer of the show is absolutely brilliant. I mean, not everyone has what it takes to keep the show exiciting for years, or to make every episode is worth the wait, or even make one episode on season 5 is actually related to one spesific scene on one episode on season 2. Did you know that the entire Ted’s kids scene on HIMYM is recorded on season 1. It means, that the writer has always been confident with his/her storyline (of course, despite of the alternative storyline/endings). And also, not to mention the epic lines from the show that no one see it coming.

Anyway, to be noted that I didn’t say movies is bad. Like I said, I’m a big fan of entertainment in any form. And I think we all agree that there’s also several things that actually makes movies better than TV Show. But I don’t know, I just find there’s something more about TV Show. And I really hope I’ll see it in Indonesian TV Show….

Maybe.. Someday..

Cheers XX.

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