Check out train tracker online

Indian Railways is been handling one of the largest train networks recognized at an international level. As per the information, more than 23 million passengers and travelers from worldwide used to commute and travel via trains. With the passage of time, Indian Railways has made life of people convenient and hassle free by introducing so many apps and features and it has been making progress in leaps and bounds by providing genuine and reliable information to passengers with the help of internet. Nowadays, you can keep a tab on train tracker online and could fetch the live running status of any train at any time within clicks.

If you wish to check out the train tracker online, all you need to do is to visit the official site of IRCTC and just feed the train name or number in the box and within a click you will get all the details including arrival time, departure time, train route, train schedule, and more. In case, the train is late or something, you will be informed and aware of the same by checking out its status. Though, this is also true that technology is always pacing and progressing and there is always something coming up that is helping out in easing out different concerns of people from all over. And following the same, even the IT department of Railways is been putting down efforts in introducing useful and beneficial features that can help people in resolving their enquiries and issues just as per their convenience. Along with being aware of the live running status of any train using train tracker online, people can also be aware of the exact location of train running all across the country on Google maps. Even if you don’t remember the train number, it is not an issue at all and you can simply enter the source and final station name of the journey and it will help you list down the total number of trains running over that route.

Anytime, you can select the name of any train and check out its running status in a convenient manner. Even, you can be aware and updated of the train’s leaving time at the intermediate stations on its route and when it would arrive at other stations. This piece of information actually help travelers and commuters in effectively plan their excursions and especially in scenarios when the train is cancelled or running late. The information can be accessed via website as well as Smart Phone or even through their helpline number. You just have to visit the website or download their mobile app, and as soon as it has been done, you can check train tracker online, get all the details about the tracking status of train as well as its location. Aside from this, you can do much more like checking out PNR status, get info about arrival and departure time of train, current train running status, check seat availability in trains and much more. So, be aware of everything and have a safe and happy travel.

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