Track your train on mobile

No one has ever thought of the feature and applications that are available these days, through which users can actually know about the latest train updates, get access to their time table, live running status, pnr status, and so much more online with ease and within clicks. With technology, things are possible these days and there is no absolutely no need to go at the railway station and stand in queues, in order to get an access to information, get reservations and more. Keeping a track of your train on mobile as well as on web is possible these days and it could be really handy and informative to get a hold of information using the application these days. Using Spot your train application could help in keeping track your train on mobile in advance and people can actually utilize the information in advance before leaving for the station or so and make decisions accordingly.

Checking up real time running status of any train on mobile is not a big deal these days as everyone has a Smart Phone and it is simply a matter of few seconds to keep track of the exact location of the train anytime and from anywhere without any problem. The application Spot your train could help in determining about different aspects like the next stoppage that is coming, last stoppage that is crossed, time travel in total, stations in between, traveled route, and more. This is certain that earlier, it was near to impossible to even think and know about the train schedule and its know-how’s about a delayed train and so. All people were relying is on the station enquiry number that was either busy most of the times or the information was not much precise on the other end. Definitely, being such a large network, in Indian railways, delays are meant to occur. And there are so many different reasons altogether behind the train delay and so. So, it is wiser to make sure to use the train tracking status in advance and according to the status, use the information and make right decisions.

To use the application on mobile, people simply need to first download the application in their SmartPhone and once downloaded enter in the desired details. There is an option to view the details on Google map too. Simply click on the information in whichever format you want to see the details of the running status of the train and within seconds, all the details will be highlighted about the train’s traveled route, distance it covers, time it takes, source station, destination station, and more. It also helps people know about the delay in the running status of the train, if there is any and that is actually very useful and advantageous in advance to plan a secure and smooth journey. In all, make full use of the technology and enjoy a safe journey.