What it doesn’t take to be a gentleman!

In my office, there’s an unattractive, middle aged dwarf man.

As per my perception, During his teen age he must have encountered some offensive ribbing experiences less or more. (Just forget about physical inabilities,Society ,in which we live, is so mentally sick that it distrust people with trivial race and without any guilt could use offensive words on color of one’s skin and shape of one’s body.)

I think, Any such man would become somewhat hostile gradually due to this. If not when he has no power, then at least when he becomes an authoritive person.

The man I'm talking about owns higher ranked position at my organization.

Today, at the end of project sync-up meeting, as all were leaving the conference room, me and one of my colleague started out very slowly towards the door. But, when i reached, the man I've been talking for a while to you was standing still there with holding the door open for us with smile on his face and sparkling eyes.

I am still in awe with his very small yet hale and hearty act.

I think, This is the sort of character a 'gentleman' would have.

The unmovable one, the unshakable, and full of integrity.

In my words,

Whoever is not defined anymore by the experiences he have but by his own --good-- choices is the true gentle-man!

To be such a man,

It doesn't take a holistic and well developed physical body,

It doesn't take good looks,

It doesn't take smooth & positive life experiences.

All it takes is integrity and a good 💓.

#Don't seek for good experiences, rather make sure you give people something to be grateful for, every single day!