8 Amazing Style Tips For Men to Look Great on a Casual Day

May 23, 2016 · 3 min read

Dressing for office might be easier as you just have to pick the right pair of formal shirt and trousers, match the right formal shoes and you are ready for the office. There is less risk of going wrong when dressing in the minimal options.

But when it comes to a casual day, most of the men get confused with the right outfit, shoes, and accessories. There are high chances of going wrong and getting a messy look instead of a hot look. And when they look for the advice for a perfect casual look, most of the suggestions revolve around the outfit as per the latest trend. You will rarely get suggestions on the selection of right casual leather boots, watches or other accessories.

Here is the solution to your problem and eight amazing tips for you to get a perfect casual look.

Focus on maturity

This is one of the biggest mistakes most of the men make. When they dress up for a casual day, they try to look youthful. For a perfect casual look, you should focus on the more mature look and buy dresses that give you manly look; not a teenager appearance.

Forget graphic t-shirt

If you are looking for a right dressing option for a mature look, forget the graphic tees. I know every man loves these, but you have got many better options too. There is nothing bad in adorning a graphic tee until you want to look like any other guy in the crowd.

Taste of shoes

Women really admire the men with good taste in shoes. So if your objective behind the great casual look is to impress a woman, complete your look with the best casual boots for men. Your choice of shoes tells a lot about your personality and lifestyle. You should try to find out the footwear that matches your personality and complete your look with the same.

Right pair of jeans

Nothing can beat a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. But it can look amazing only when you pick the right pair of jeans. Avoid baggy jeans, ripped jeans, bleached jeans and the ones with embellishments. Opt for clean, simple and straight jeans with a perfect fitting.


If you want to impress women with your different dressing style replace the simple t-shirt or shirt with a henley. These have a different design from the normal tees and give you an elevated casual look with making you too dressy.

Replace jeans with chinos

Jeans are not the only option when it comes to bottom wear. You can get more stylish and chic look by replacing the casual jeans with a pair of chinos. It will also add variety to your wardrobe, giving you more choices for casual days. Further, their versatile nature makes these perfect for both the formal as well as casual look. You can get a sharp look by pairing them with anything from a formal shirt to casual shirt or t-shirt.

Class up footwear

Casual boots or sneakers are not the only options for a casual day. Replace them with designer leather slippers for men to create your own style statement. You can also opt for leather loafers for a sharper look.

Tasteful accessories

Accessories are never must for men until they know how to choose them well. A watch or belt can make or break your look. A nice watch doesn’t mean expensive Rolex brand, but a classy and impressive piece that gets you good compliments. Same is with the belt, wallet, and bracelet. Be very careful with the selection of accessories and if you have confusion it is better to avoid them completely and support a simple look.

Dress well and look more stylish with a polished look. These are just eight tips for a perfect casual look. There are hundreds of more tips you can find online.

Go and start the search for more suggestions to get the perfect look. And don’t forget to share your experience with us through comments.

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