Ten (Best) Locations for Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in the Capital (New Delhi) and Why

We are the ones capturing love on the orders of our clients and producing for them beautiful mementos to cherish for life. And the only dream of Pre Wedding photographers is to create their client’s. You decide, we click. And in order to make sure that your research ends up with everything you desire out of the destination for your shoot, our most brilliant people have compiled for you this small list of the best photography locations in the Capital and around it. Strap on and final a backdrop for your love-story!

1. Lodhi Gardens, Hauz Khas

Located between the Khan Market and the Safdarjung Fort, the gardens from the Mughal road with their 90 acres of scenery and centuries old monuments are a scenic chapter of history you can become a part of using your Pre Wedding photoshoot. You can be lost with your partner in the haunting history that breathes in this place as the photographer captures your romance for you!

2. Okhla Bird Sanctuary

A nature lover’s retreat, this place is a haunt for bird-watchers form all over the country. With the Yamuna River winding its vast way through its middle, the OBS spread over 3.5 square kilometres is a haven of 300 species of birds. On a perfect time you can enjoy breath-taking visuals of these birds. Time your shoot perfectly and include the marvellous beauty of these winged creatures into the pictures that herald a new time of your life. Cuddle in a pot and leave the rest to the birds and the photographer!

3. The Perfect Location

True to its name TPL is surely the perfect location for a perfect shoot. Its speciality the several varieties of ideas and themes that it provides. Be it natural, manmade, industrial, romantic, artistic, anything that you desire with facilities such as makeup room with attached washrooms included. It is as good as it can get, your Pre Wedding photoshoot will not just be a success but a memory to cherish ass well!

4. ITC Grand Bharat

Spread over a sprawling 1.2 square kilometres is the epitome of the grandeur of Indian architecture ITC grand Bharat in Gurgaon. A royal retreat, the location is a dream for a couple in search for a fit location to shoot their Pre Wedding pictures. Its long hallways, bridges and intricately designed columns and windows will take you back in history as you done your regal outfits and get ready to score that perfect shot of you and your partner before taking your final vows.

5. Hauz Khas Village

A historical heritage dating back to the thirteenth century, Delhi Sultunate reign, the village is studded with monuments of the era. Mosques, Madrasas and tombs littered over wide gardens, their wide arches and crumbling walls are a treasure for a photographer. The Islamic architecture of the places is a grand arena for creating art through the lens. Couples deciding locations will fall in love with sheer majesty and old glamour of the place!

6. Connaught Place

The former location of the Headquarters of the British Raj, CP is the heart of New Delhi, both cultural and business. The Victorian architecture of the sweeping white columns is an attractive location for photoshoots. The pictures are unusually grand with a trained hand behind the camera as the place provides brilliant locations for daytime as well as night-time photography.

7. Chandni Chowk

One of the oldest marketplaces of the country, Chandni Chowk as once visited by the merchants from China, Turkey and Holland and now us. The dense streets packed with shops and stalls selling their merchandise to the thronging public gives both the photographer and the couple an endless array of nooks and corners to click beautiful pictures. The colours and the activity lends a surreal charm into the pictures.

8. Lodhi Art District

This place is seriously for the lovers of art and colour! Artists have painted the walls of the Lodhi Colony into their canvases, decorating them with vistas of colour, making the place a haven for photographers. The vibrant landscapes and graffiti make for stunning backgrounds and the pictures that come out of here will surely take your breath away!

9. Humayun Tomb

The first garden-tomb on the Indian Subcontinent, Hunmayun’s Tomb is the best place to recreate history or to invite it to be a part of yours. The Mughal architecture of the buildings and the gardens make help you detach from everything and delve into your own royal love story. This is the best place to capture the romance bubbling between and your partner, and it is a place to guarantee you some real stupefying shots!

10. Dusrit Devrana

On the National Highway 8 is this masterpiece of contemporary architecture, Dusrit Devrana is the hotel of your dreams. There is nothing that falls short of the word luxury here and it will be the perfect location to bring out the divas inside you and your partner for the photoshoot. Littered with pools, greenery and the tasteful modern styles of decorations, this place will lift your mood and take care of you while presenting you with stunning backgrounds for your pictures.