Resume building!

There is lot of fuss around the world about the employment. Defiantly in next 10 years around 5 Million jobs will be gone. But another millions of job opportunities will build up. For all of this we will require resume, an almost perfect resume.

Here is my journey from basic resume to a very job-specific resume. Why is it important to build a job-specific resume? This question will lies because a person like me with having about twenty over technologies knowledge and other skills. I cant put all the skills in my resume. If I put my skills, I don’t have place to keep my other items such as experience and education.

So lets start with understanding a job description. Job description is a place where you get all your thoughts from. Take time to understand the need and company. For example lets take below requirements.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field required
  • Previous experience as software architect
  • Project management experience, sw dev. & life cycle planning — Agile (PMP certification a plus)
  • Portfolio of previous iOS/Android app and web development
  • Previous testing and quality assurance experience preferred​
  • Programming — Ruby (required), Java, Javascript, Python, Go, Scala, Swift, HTML, CSS, OOP, Ajax, Jquery (familiarity with several is preferred)
  • Database — PostgreSQL (required), familiarity with MySQL, NoSQL (MongoDB), Hibernate preferred
  • Backend frameworks — Rails, familiarity with Django, Apache or Nginx preferred
  • CSS frameworks — Bootstrap
  • Javascript related framework — React or AngularJS or Node.js
  • Software architecture — RESTful
  • Platforms and Servers — AWS, Heroku, familiarity with Linux, Bash, Ubuntu a plus
  • Versioning platform — Git
  • Passionate about being part of an early stage startup

Looks a lot? Not really. You will see it soon.

There is always one thing that the company want to achieve and you will be the person who will help them resolve and achieve it. So outside the requirements, you must identify the one thing. And How will you find it is by reading the requirements and the responsibility.

Take few minutes to read all the requirements - it aims to tell you that you need to be full-stack developer. Which means that company hasn't known the tech person or they are in need of the FIRST tech person. Thus it becomes important for any applicant to understand and MUST have a experience in startup and leading a tech-team. Now see, the list of technologies will be of no use if you don’t have knowledge in the startup environment. And also it will useless if you have the knowledge but did not mention in the resume.

From the previous, there is very little need of the technologies and very high need of experience startup. This is how it is important to develop resume based on the job description than just a very general resume.

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