DoWhistle Rescues Traditional Taxi/Auto drivers

Over the years, people have started to stay away from using public transport for various reasons. As a result taxi is the alternate choice people have. With a market size of $12 billion, it presents a huge opportunity for domestic as well as international. Riding on investors money companies like Ola, Uber literally killed small players who don’t have access to technology and funds. What DoWhistle wants to do is to make sure that small players shouldn’t left behind because of no access to technology.

With DoWhistle, drivers now have the access to technology which they lack earlier and they can regain the lost ground.They can reach out to their customers.i.e where they are , their availability etc and serve them well. It enables them to compete with established players and create a market for themselves. With DoWhistle what they earn will reach their pockets rather than our pockets. We at DoWhistle always believe in “Empowering People and make a Difference in Ordinary People lives”

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