How DoWhistle will Impact Food Space:

The people lifestyle has seen a dramatic shift over the years. The choice of food people consume today speaks about the shift. The question here is, “Where that shift has led people to?” People don’t find enough time to cook on their own on working days and they have no other way other than having food at hotels,cafeteria etc. There has been a huge gap between customers expectations and the quality of food offer by the hotels. People have to shell out more money for an average food. The odds against hotel people are they have to serve large number of people, use of better ingredients are unlikely, use of used oil is a high possibility etc

On the other side home makers do make tasty food at lower prices with better ingredients. The home makers will be the best alternative to the existing problem. This is where DoWhistle makes a difference. Our platform connects people who make Fresh, Tasty food to the people who needs it. Since people create whistle whenever they need, demand will be known to the provider. It avoids the excess food to be prepared so they cannot carry the leftover the next day which is not the case in hotels. The home maker now have the possibility to make revenue and reach more number of people. At the end DoWhistle makes possible that ,”If you offer quality food you don’t need to be in a prime spot to get customers. Customers will come after you and you can create a market for yourself”. As always we “Believe in Empowering People”