Need really HOT food ? Think DoWhistle…

After the word “Gravity” the one word which the entire world attracted to is “Hot”. Our tummies are always eager to eat food which is hot. But the problem here is people don’t know when the food is available as hot. With patience running out and no other option left we end up eating food which isn’t hot. How people can be reached out while the food is still frying in the pan and who is better than to say it other than the person who makes it? Here DoWhistle presents an opportunity

It doesn’t require people to go distance to find hot food, won’t let you down when you look for hot food.Above all it gives a satisfying experience to the foodies. On the other side with DoWhistle not only street vendors, hotel owners can serve hot food even home makers can reach out to people who look for hot food and earn money. This is where DoWhistle really makes a difference. We at DoWhistle always believe in,” Empowering people & makes a difference in their lives”

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