The startup game!

Start-up is the riskiest thing in the world I would say. In my dictionary, “Start-up is like a poker game with only one option: All In”.

This is Raja CSP Raman, founder of TalentAccurate — which helps SMB employers on finding the right talent without Resume. With the passion of changing Resume-centric market, I applied for Founder Institute entrepreneurship program on April and got approved for Toronto Chapter Summer season!

I experienced a lot of challenges in IT talent recruiting. And may be that took me to where I am now! This journey with FI is really priceless. In this journey I acquired lot of knowledge, experience, networking connections and what not. I would like to share few key lessons which I happened to learn through this entrepreneurship program.

For any new start-up, pitching is a key attribute for establishing. And mastering that is not really a cake walk. It requires huge support and training. With the intense program at FI, I was able to improve the pitch deck and the pitching strategies. The credits definitely go to our team members Danielle, Dwaine, Francis, Anders and Melissa. Their realistic and transparent feedback really helped me a lot.

Next is about the customer discovery strategies. I really had to work harder in this area. I had to reiterate the strategies as to come up with better strategies. FI standards helped me a lot in tuning this.

Incorporation of the company? Wow, that is a big deal. Not easy. We did it successfully with the help of Dentons and our FI mentors.

We did set the stage. But then we have to perform actively. Yes I am speaking about Digital marketing strategies. We worked out and improved our weekly newsletter and daily feeds on Twitter / Facebook.

Our ideology was selected for the enrollment. But then we had to validate the ideology with our potential customers carefully. This helped in validating our ideology in the market and to understand the value that our product could add in. FI strategies guided us a lot, especially on listening to the customers.

I would like to keep up this momentum in learning throughout the journey of my company for the betterment of our product(s). Given a chance, I will be definitely more than glad to share my FI experiences with any potential upcoming Founders.

Here are some “Thanks Notes” that I would like to share.

The one man wins all! Yes, Sunil Sharma, the director of FI Toronto Chapter, who started our first day at FI with an orientation program, supported us in our commitments and brought us to the final level of our program — Graduation from FI. Thanks are not really enough for Sunil’s help during our program.

With Sunil, FI Toronto becomes FIT. We owe you a lot Sunil!

Next is Leah. Leah’s co-ordination is really appreciable. Many things would have gone so blank without Leah. She planned everything perfectly, including office hours and events. Leah that is a good execution! Thanks to you!