The first time hiking in the mountains: tips

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Hiking in the mountains for the first time is a great experience. And even though you are such a good walker in our flat country, suddenly walking uphill and downhill is a different matter altogether. Trekking has its own walking technique and concentration. Many people underestimate the dangers of mountain hiking. You should not think that during your very first hike in the mountains you end up on a difficult and steep path with deep gorges. Or that you discover halfway through the walk that you cannot go on anymore, because you are too tired or your feet no longer want? Therefore in this weblog 13 tips to ensure that your first time hiking in the mountains is a success.

# 1. Align your fitness level at home

# 2. Plan your route (s) in advance

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# 3. Build the walk (s) calmly

# 4. Follow it again

# 5. Buy or borrow sturdy walking shoes

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