My hearing is shot. And I’m hoping that chickens will help me.
Dan Gillmor

But Sir I think there is still a proper cure for hearing loss, as Sir Alexander Fleming once said after the discovery of penicillin“ If nature creates a disease it creates it’s cure too, we just need to find it”. The regeneration of cochlear hair cells to reverse the hearing loss may seem very far away from now but there is an alternate way to restore the hearing to a nearly flawless state.
I get it that we can not regrow the hair cells in cochlea yet but we can replace them with someone else’s hair cells. People all around the world donate their organs so they could be used by someone in need after their demise, we can persuade people to donate their hair cells too, so people with hearing loss could benefit and be able to hear again. I am sure once people realize that their donation can bring back someone’s happiness and end their disability, they would happily do it. What we need to do is to store their hair cells in appropriate condition so that they won’t die, then in a surgical process we would have to take out a patient’s died or damaged hair cells and replace them with the donor’s hair cells. Given that the hair cells came of a donor who could hear properly, the patient’s hearing would be restored. I am sure there would be complexities in doing this but we can work them out, there is no complexity which can’t be resolved. So many people in the world will benefit from this treatment and enjoy their natural hearing once again. The hair cells regeneration is a slight ray of hope of which scientist’s are not even sure that whether it will completely restore the hearing or not, but by the method I stated above, there is a complete certainty of reversing the hearing loss and having the luxury of hearing perfectly without hearing aids. I am waiting eagerly for your response on this one, there might be some difficulties or complications in this procedure of which I don’t know and you can bring them to my attention as your knowledge is far superior than mine however to me there does not look anything wrong or flawed with it. But you off-course know better, please respond as soon as possible. P.S to make this whole hair cell replacement process even easier, we can clone the hair cells once we get it from donor to prevent being dependent on donated hair cells every time a patient is being cured.

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