Health Monitoring System.

In Hospitals, a patient will be monitored for few days after the treatment.It involves lot of cost, time and effort for both hospital and patient.In order to overcome this I have developed a prototype for Health Monitoring System.The goal is to monitor basic health parameters like Body Temperature, Glucose Level, ECG levels remotely and update them on the portal.So that the respective physicians can have access to this information any time and can decide the status of patient.

The main objective of the System is to monitor the Body Temperature and Pulse Rate at regular intervals and update it on the portal.Also send Email Notifications in case of Emergency.


This is the basic architecture of the system.The monitoring node(Temperature Sensor) captures the reading.The controller services access this information and stores in database.The Application access the data using the REST calls and display it on the Portal.

Sensors Used:

DS18B20 Water Proof Digital Temperature Sensor.It can be used for various purposes like monitoring water temperature, body temperature and also for environment monitoring.It’s a digital temperature sensor, so ADC converters are not required.

Arduino based Pulse Sensor.Compatible with Arduino Hardware Board.Failed to access using Raspberry Pi. So Finally end up with monitoring body temperature alone.Pulse reading shown below are static values.(can ignore for now).Planning to use other pulse sensor.


Python : All types of computations, including reading sensor values

Django-REST Framework : For developing the Web Portal.

MySQL Database : Database to store information.

Bootstrap : For developing cool web pages

Services Developed:

Monitoring Service: This services runs in an infinite loop which basically monitor the Body Temperature as per the intervals mentioned in the configuration file.The captured reading will be stored in the data base.

Settings Service : This basically captures the details like patient name, frequency, threshold and store in a configuration file

Display Service: To display the data on the portal.

Web Portal:

The home page displays the last updated readings.It has links to Archive Page and Settings Page.


Home page tells that Patient2 has body temperature of 27.125(degrees centigrade) on May 4, 2015 at 2:30 PM.This is the latest monitored information.

Archive page:

View Archive link on Home page lands on Archive Page:

Contains all the information recorded so far, sorted based on the time.The Home page link takes back to home page of the Application.

Settings Page:

Settings link on Home Page takes to this page.This is basically used to add new information like Patient Name we are monitoring, How frequently need to monitor (every hour or thrice a day etc..).When the Body Temperature exceeds the threshold value we set here, an email notification will be sent to respective users.This is considered as Emergency situation.

Email Notification:

This is the Email Notification that it has sent to respective users when the body temperature exceeds the threshold.

Future Enhancements:

Capturing the Pulse readings along with the Body Temperature.Can include others like glucose level monitoring etc..

Graphical Representation of data on the Archive Page.Which makes it easy to analyze the data.

Displaying the data specific to each patient.

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