How Stupid Is Our Country?

Did y’all see last night’s Presidential Debate?

Petulant and shameful sums it up pretty nicely. Insert a demagogic, former reality tv star into the race for President and America’s secret truths are laid bare. American politics amount to mud slinging contests in which, I’m rubber, you’re glue, anything you say to me bounces back and sticks to you, is the modus operandi. Underneath policy and formality — neither of which is Donald Trump capable of understanding — American political contests are just reality tv pageants, down to the name calling and hair pulling.

Did y’all see Donald Trump stalking Hillary during the debate?

Sniffling, sidling, and shuffling Donald J. Trump. While Hillary was rhetoricizing, he stood behind her with his hands over his crotch, mirroring her movements like some kind of rapist mimic. And he claims that no one has more respect for women than him. And some of y’all still need convincing otherwise despite the rape allegations against him, despite him admitting to sexual assault, despite the way he interacts with his daughter, and despite his behavior last night. Shame that some of y’all seem unfazed in your determination to elect the king of dunce cap neoliberalism, himself.

Not that Hillary is a hell of a lot better.

When asked what she would do about bombings in Syria, her honest response would have been, “Well, when I become President I’m gonna bomb the hell out of those motherfuckers too, so.” When asked about mass deportations and the US/Mexico border, her honest response would have been, “I probably won’t deport as many latinos as Obama, but he’s deported more people than any other President in the history of our nation, so take that with a grain of salt.” When asked what she’ll do to help black people in “inner cities,” her honest response would have been, “I’ve already done the Nae Nae and made Mary J. Blige my cultural advisor. WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?”

Donald Trump unwittingly summed up this entire election.

And, if we’re being honest, the last few centuries with his statement, “How stupid is our country?” It turns out that even fools and liars speak the truth at least once a day, and ain’t that something?

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Originally published at on October 10, 2016.