At our core, we all want to connect. — Oconnect — The Original Social Network

Why do you think we love having something to put on our LinkedIn, join many Facebook groups and constantly Snapchat. In a world filled with many silos, isolated careers and studio apartments — we are thirsty for connection.

The problem? It’s horribly difficult. People are insecure, don’t want to be seen, or don’t know how. We hide behind many walls afraid that if we’re seen we’ll be “found out.”

I met Garrett outside a few days ago as he was helping put carts away. He wasn’t working for them, he just found joy in helping walmart succeed. He knew all the employees by name, is known to greet customers on their way in and helps wherever he can. He found his connection there.

I like to help them. They’ve always been nice to me. I can’t get a real job so I just help out where I can… — Garrett

Connection is the strongest indication of happiness and without it we have no purpose. Connection is defined as to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind. To connect 2 cities by a bridge.

Beautiful…connection is tying to complete worlds that would not have otherwise see the other by building a bridge.

Shawn Achor, researcher at Harvard University and author of The Happiness Advantage discovered something incredible about connection. After following thousands of people over 50 years, he identified only one thing truly makes people happy. The ONE thing that separates the happiest 10% from everyone else? Not $$, fame, or power. It’s the strength of our social relationships.

If you can’t think of anything here are some ideas.

  • In line at Starbucks
  • With your coworkers
  • Call a random number on your phone
  • Spark a conversation with a homeless person
  • Leave cookies for your neighbor
  • Join O’connect- A connection first approach to conference attending

Erin McConlogue (#ghosting)

Originally published at on August 29, 2016.

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