Memoirs from Swedish Lapland

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. — Mark Twain

I have always admired this travel quote from Mark Twain and in a way it motivates me to experience and create adventurous memories.

View from Björkliden Fjällby-Lapporten

The big question before i begin my adventure in Lapland was I be able to say hearty yes to my adventure. I listened to my guts at that time.

Nature has always been my soul friend. And here is my summer confession !

I decided to experience a spontaneous travel in the norther part of Sweden. This time, I ended up in Swedish Lapland — Kiruna.

As I read from the travel blogs and stories, it was recommended to try Arctic Polar Circle night train from Stockholm to Kiruna. So, i hopped onto from Uppsala to reach Kiruna by morning (approximately 14 hours travel). This amazing journey not only gets you to Kiruna, but gives one a lifetime memories to witness the midnight sun through Scenic mountains and green forests (if you are travelling in Summer) with small lakes and rivers throughout the journey.

Kiruna located in Swedish Lapland of Natural landscapes, Torne Lake in the northern region of Sweden offers travelers all year round activities like skiing, mountain hiking, ice fishing, camping, midnight sun and many more. Traditions and culture were quite strong and my love towards nature even grew bigger. I decided to opt for few guided tours and some individual walks along the Lousavaara mountain.

Abisko National Park

My first day adventure started with a guided tour to Abisko National Park. Started from Kungsleden path near Abisko Tourist Station, walked through the Canyons and waterfalls. I can still feel the sound of the water splashing through the rocks and the wind making its breeze through the trees and offering the travelers a Cold summer breeze.

Beautiful landscapes from Abisko National Park; Water flowing towards Torne River
Spotted many summer Flora on the way hiking in Kungsleden (King’s Trail); The Picture on the right is called Kungsbår and the way they are spread through the trail was beautiful.
View from STF-Abisko (Left); Water gushing thorugh the rocks from moutain towards Torneriver (Right)
I paused to enjoy the quiet. Pause to enjoy being unplugged from the world, yet deeply connected to sound of water splashing from the hills, chill breeze and the, splash of sun on my skin and still feel deeply attached to the nature.

The colors from the Floral population was slowly absorbed through my Cornea and got registered in my limbic system. That was when I felt all the butterflies making their way through my heart. All those feelings were accompanied by cool breeze from the Lapland moutains.


It gives the perfect introduction for hiking in the lapland moutains (Kungsleden). I was dazzled by moutains and valleys surrounding Abisko National Park and enjoy this unique part of this world.

Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel

Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi was totally a inspiring venture. Not just the rooms/hotel built from the Ice, from Torne Träsk river near by but lots of inspiring things happening around the Ice production area. Ice hotel were built using mammoth sized ice blocks, cutting, sculpturing and then boom, an ice hotel and icebar is constructed. However, It melts during the spring leading to many tendon related injuries. Well, that’s a different experience. Large ice blocks were cut and scultpured and exported to different parts of the world during Fashion shows and Ice Sculpture events. Ice plates and shot glasses were also made from these blocks and are used in the ICEHOTEL to serve food and drinks.

What makes this trip so special is that it was never planned and that’s what it makes best memories.!

In my experience travelling spontaneously to any location has provided me vast experiences in different ways. (Adapting to new environment, learning new things, experience the local’s way of life…). So, I recommend at least once in lifetime, one should travel to the place of their choice (can be anywhere) and reboot their system and it helps to focus more on our dreams on goals.

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