Japanese American Internment Wasn’t Just Immoral — It Was a Strategic Error
War Is Boring

If the Trump administration does anything close to Japanese internment for Muslims, you can bet I will be doing more than just protesting. I’m not going to let him take a shit on the Constitution. This is an incredibly well written article and I hope others who even thought for one second that rounding up Muslims and putting them in an internment camp will think twice about that kind of action. I hate that history can and usually does repeat itself but we are better than this.

One item I keep coming back to: how do you even identify someone who is an adherent to Islam? Because their religion on Facebook is “Muslim”? Because they wear a hijab? Because they have an Arab/Persian/etc. name? How will you differentiate between Syrian Christians and Arab Jews? Practically speaking, it’s just literally not possible. Anyone can say they are either Muslim or not. What makes someone Muslim? When you ask someone who wants to take this type of action, you expose their true colors: racist xenophobia rooted in fear.

I really hope this does not happen during my lifetime and I will make sure it doesn’t. Let’s not make the same mistake again.

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