The Dance of Shiva & Shakti in the #MeToo and #TimesUp Age

The Dance of Shiva Shakti by Raja Choudhury

How Tantra and Kundalini can empower Gender Equality and Planetary Balance

Do the ancient teachings of Tantra, Shaivism and Shaktism have a message for us in this age of hashtags like #metoo and #timesup? Can they play a role in the growing consciousness of gender activism and awakened living? Can we teach men and women to balance their polarities and create a more balanced, empowered, sacred world?

Shift Network teacher, filmmaker and TED speaker Raja Choudhury believes we can, and through talks, courses and films he raises awareness about our feminine energy, Shakti and how to balance it with our masculine consciousness, Shiva. #ShivaShakti

Raja Choudhury talks about Shiva Shakti and the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Tantrics believe that the universe is a throbbing, pulsating, intelligent mind and hidden inside every one of us is an intelligence called Kundalini that if awakened releases immense energy, balance, bliss, ecstasy and expanded consciousness. Kundalini lies dormant within unless activated through meditation, breath, mantras, and sacred geometries, as well as through creativity, food, sexuality and living fully in life. Once awakened, a union between the body and consciousness occurs and we become fearless, blissful and fully alive.

To Raja, “finding a balance between your masculine and feminine energies, and between your animal nature and your higher consciousness is the key to true awakening and enlightenment in this age. These practices have been preserved in Indian wisdom for thousands of years and are the key to this alignment. The world needs to rediscover them.”

In his mind, most problems in the world today occur when an imbalance exists between Shiva and Shakti within each of us, in society, the planet and in our alignment between our inner and outer selves. The seeking of this balance is what Raja tries to share with the world online through The Shift Network and via Youtube and Facebook.

In a compelling testimonial, a student in the US says Raja “possesses comprehensive knowledge not found in any books I’ve read about Kundalini. I believe that his teaching is the most complete and succinct available on this subject at this time.”

In a free Webinar on The Shift Network on Wednesday 1st August at 5.30 pm Pacific, Raja will be sharing the teachings of The Vigyan Bhairav Tantra exploring 112 methods to awaken the union between Shiva and Shakti within each of us. Raja also offers online Kundalini and Meditation courses and workshops around the World.

To register for this Webinar or for further information visit The Shift Network or email Raja Choudhury.