Step by Step Guide To Building React Redux Apps

Feb 25, 2016 · 8 min read

Why Redux?

STEP 1 — Write A Detailed Mock of the Screen

STEP 2 — Divide The App Into Components

Redux Terms: “Actions” And “States”

STEP 3 — List State and Actions For Each Component

3.1 AddTodo Component — State And Actions

3.2 TodoList Component — State And Actions

3.3 Filter Component — State And Actions

Redux Term: “Action Creators”

STEP 4 — Create Action Creators For Each Action

//1. Takes the text from AddTodo field and returns proper “Action” JSON to send to other components.
export const addTodo = (text) => {
return {
type: ‘ADD_TODO’,
id: nextTodoId++,
text, //<--ES6. same as text:text, in ES5
completed: false //<-- initially this is set to false

//2. Takes filter string and returns proper “Action” JSON object to send to other components.
export const setVisibilityFilter = (filter) => {
return {

//3. Takes Todo item’s id and returns proper “Action” JSON object to send to other components.
export const toggleTodo = (id) => {
return {
type: ‘TOGGLE_TODO’,

Redux Term: “Reducers”

For example the below function takes Redux’ state(an array of previous todos), and returns a **new** array of todos(new state) w/ the new Todo added if action’s type is “ADD_TODO”.const todo = (state = [], action) => {
switch (action.type) {
case ‘ADD_TODO’:
[…state,{id:, text: action.text, completed:false}];

STEP 5 — Write Reducers For Each Action

const todo = (state, action) => {
switch (action.type) {
case ‘ADD_TODO’:
return […state,{id:, text: action.text,

return =>
if ( !== {
return todo
return Object.assign({},
todo, {completed: !todo.completed})

return action.filter

return state

Redux Term: “Presentational” and “Container” Components

STEP 6 — Implement Every Presentational Component

6.1 — Implement AddTodoForm Presentational Component

6.2 — Implement TodoList Presentational Component

6.3 — Implement Link Presentational Component

STEP 7 — Create Container Component For Some/All Presentational Component

7.1 Create Container Component — AddTodo

7.2 Create Container Component — TodoList Container

7.3 Create Container Component — Filter Container

STEP 8 — Finally Bring Them All Together

import React from ‘react’ // ← Main React library
import { render } from ‘react-dom’ // ← Main react library
import { Provider } from ‘react-redux’ //← Bridge React and Redux
import { createStore } from ‘redux’ // ← Main Redux library
import todoApp from ‘./reducers’ // ← List of Reducers we created
//Import all components we created earlier
import AddTodo from ‘../containers/AddTodo’
import VisibleTodoList from ‘../containers/VisibleTodoList’
import Footer from ‘./Footer’ // ← This is a presentational component that contains 3 FilterLink Container comp
//Create Redux Store by passing it the reducers we created earlier.
let store = createStore(reducers)
<Provider store={store}> ← The Provider component from react-redux injects the store to all the child components
<AddTodo />
<VisibleTodoList />
<Footer />
document.getElementById(‘root’) //<-- Render to a div w/ id "root"

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